Monday, October 27, 2008

Pizza, pickles and tomato sauce this weekend.

MS08-067 really ruined my weekend. Instead of doing all the things I wanted to get done, I sat in front of my laptop screen trying to coordinate chaos.

I did manage to get a few things in though. While I haven't made it up to Pizza Dave's to get some high-protein flour yet, I did go to Target and get a container. In the meantime I did make a pizza dough using bread flour, and it turned out really well. Of all the things I cook, pizza dough is really one of the more difficult ones. I make it hard on myself by never measuring, but if I had to give one critical piece of advice it would be 'don't work with cold dough'. I like slow rise pizza crust, but you've got to give it plenty of time to get up to room temperature before you start stretching it.

No one could complain about the freshness of the pizza sauce; I was busy turning a 25 pound box of tomatoes into what will most likely be the last tomato sauce of the season. I wish we had a standing freezer, but I think we'll have enough to make a tomato sauce dish every other week through winter. The box of tomatoes set me back $6, so what are you gonna do? Made an excellent sauce, really - I think Jennie likes this one even better than the Roma sauce, and that one was a damned good sauce.

Then lastly, I made a bunch of tiny cucumbers into refrigerator pickles. Followed AB's recipe pretty closely, only I didn't have any celery seed, and I added red pepper flake. I'll let you know how those turn out in a few days.

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