Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High protein flour - my Holy Grail

I need to get my hands on some high protein flour. By many accounts, one of the best is Sir Lancelot, by King Arthur flour.

It's protein level is 14.2%, and it's just the thing for chewy bagels and pizza crusts. The problem is that I can't buy it at any of my local grocery stores; Harris Teeter, Kroger, Food Lion, Earth Faire - they've all failed me. I've had to make do with King Arthur bread flour, which comes in at 12.8% protein.

I could order it on-line from King Arthur, but it's very expensive; 3 pounds for $7 before shipping. ($2.33/lb) Another option would be purchasing a 50 bag from a wholesaler, I found this one that's $37 ($0.74 /lb) before shipping but that's a LOT of flour, even for me, and I don't really have a good place to store it. I might be able to find someone to split a bag with over ont he City-data forums, but that's a whole different hassle.

So today at lunch, since I don't have any leftovers from last night AND I have a full punch card from Randy's Pizza; I'm going to go see Pizza Dave, my friend and owner of that Randy's, and see what he uses for flour and see if I can buy some from him.

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