Monday, September 1, 2008

Diet Coke vs. the garage in summer

I found out 2 neat things about Diet Coke this weekend.

1. Summer heat plays hell on aspartame.
2. Because of that, Fountain Diet Coke contains saccharin; plastic bottles (are there glass bottles of Diet Coke?) and cans are just sweetened with aspartame. (Nutrasweet) I had no idea they were different.

In 2000 saccharin was removed from the FDA's list of 'known or suspected human carcinogens' the U.S. Congress repealed the law requiring saccharin products to carry health warning labels.

Good to know.

Anyway, I found this out after trying to figure out why a can of Diet Coke I had at my aunt's house in Myrtle Beach tasted craptacular. She keeps 12 packs in the garage and doesn't drink the stuff. Who knows how long it was there, but it tasted like...carbonated water, really. After 2 different cans tasted horrid, I actually began to think something was wrong with me. For a brief moment I wondered if I had 'burnt' my tastebuds drinking Blenhiem's ginger ale. Did some reading and found the first link, then remembered seeing the stockpile in her garage and it all made sense.

What I don't understand is why fountain Diet Coke is different. Yeah, I get it that saccharin stands up to heat better, but wouldn't most restaurants be air conditioned, as opposed to the average garage of Joe Twelvepack?

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